Implementation Methodology
RealSTEEL™ Software

implementation of ERP for steel industry

Our Vision to Value implementation approach, combined with Dynamics SureStep, is a structured methodology that incorporates many years of successful experience in implementing ERP and accounting systems. It has been designed to achieve flexibility, cost effectiveness, risk minimization, client ownership, and rapid implementation.

Phase One:
Project Preparation

Each engagement starts off with a planning session that defines the project approach and sets a plan for the Blueprint phase. This phase is intended to provide the project team with all of the information needed to properly execute the project.

Phase Two: Blueprint

The Blueprint phase includes assisting the client in defining the processes and procedures that will be used by the organization in the future, the scope of the project, preparing for the changes that will occur with the implementation, and ensuring the project plan is comprehensive and effective.

Phase Three: Realization

The Realization phase is the execution of the Blueprint. This phase is designed to prepare the customer for the final cutover and includes tasks such as workflow, system configuration, data migration, and customizations.

Phase Four: Deployment

The Deployment phase includes completing tasks to prepare for the final implementation such as end-user training, testing, and finally, the cutover

Phase Five: Operation

Once your new solution is deployed, Wolcott is available to ensure your business objectives are achieved, implemented features and functions are understood, users are properly trained, and ongoing Key Performance Indicators are met.

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