Coil Slitters

Custom Software for Coil Slitters

Coil slitting is a multi-faceted, yet intricate process that requires a high-quality business tool to assure that every aspect of the customer’s requirements meets the highest quality standard. RealSTEEL™ takes a once complex process containing even more complex scenarios, into a seamless one.

As you know, the results you get as you begin to de-coil are often dramatically different from what you expected. There is simply no way you can know exactly what you are going to encounter as you process through the coil. With RealSTEEL™, operators continue processing by accessing the application on the production floor. This convenience allows for the efficient identification and location of defects in the material, and provides the ability to record changes in yield from the coil.

Our user-friendly system lets you specify specifically how to slit the coils and, after the layout is created, it is carried out on the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) floor. From scrapping coils in line, to capturing time and codes, Coil Slitters can breathe easy knowing their unique costing and inventory requirements are being met faster and with more ease.

RealSTEEL™ tracks production, manages scrap and materials, and allows for advanced customizations to meet the individual needs Coil Slitters face day in and day out. Whether you plan to slit or sheer your coils, you will be impressed with the outcome of RealSTEEL™.

Custom Software Built for Your Needs

RealSTEEL™ is unlike most business systems you’ve used at your facility. It tracks the dimensional, chemical, and physical attributes of inventory, giving you real insights into production and operations. With RealSTEEL™, Coil Slitters view and maintain costs for labor, freight, outside services, and surcharges—from the master coil to the slit coils.

Coil Slitters who have migrated their legacy software systems or ERP platforms to RealSTEEL™ are able to measure actual, theoretical, average, and replacement cost data on the fly. Bundle and skid management provides control over important areas of your business like product packaging and includes dimensions and Heat/Lot

RealSTEELTM provides companies with the insight to be more efficient and effective.

Benefits for Coil Slitters

  • Quick, intuitive, and accurate sales quoting and order entry
  • Management of multiple outside processing operations with direct shipment to the end customer
  • Customer specifications, such as packaging, loading, and tolerances, that track with the order
  • Full support of complex operations, including multi-company, multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-warehouse
  • A centralized shipping dispatch board to build, monitor, and maintain loads
  • Track inventory using combinations of dimensional, chemical, and physical attributes
  • View and maintain costs for labor, freight, outside services, and surcharges at the coil level
  • Support multiple outside processing operations with direct shipment to the end customer
  • Shop floor MES records actual production, scrap, sheers, break weights, and determines additional cuts and material required due to scrap

Features From RealSTEEL™

  • Comprehensive Testing and Sampling Capabilities
  • Manage Customer Owned Material
  • Coil Slitting
  • Customer Specifications/Defaults

Functional Areas

  • Inventory Management
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse Management

By implementing RealSTEEL™, Coil Slitters see improved productivity, service, and business operations. From viewing and maintaining labor costs, freight, and outside services to generating specifications like packaging, or loading and tracking— RealSTEEL™ has coil slitters covered.