Steel Service Centers
& Metal Fabricators

Custom Software for Steel Service Centers & Metal Fabricators

To compete in today’s fast-paced world, technology is necessary to provide quality service to customers, track costs accurately, and tighten internal operations. However, many steel service centers and metal fabricators are dependent on ineffective business management or ERP systems that are not specific to their industry. This is a problem, as these systems cannot handle the unique costing or inventory requirements their clients yearn for and need.

The Software Solution You Have Been Waiting For

With expectations to ship products in 24 hours, inventory management is critical to the steel and metals industry. Companies that do not have one product in stock may ultimately lose a sale consisting of many products. RealSTEEL™ was designed by the Wolcott Group and industry experts to avoid inventory shortages and increase efficiencies.

RealSTEEL™ is the business management solution that meets the
unique and individual needs of steel service centers and metal fabricators. By implementing RealSTEEL™, service and business operations improve.

Benefits for Steel Service Centers & Metal Fabricators:

  • Accurately tracked inventory via multiple attributes such as grade, width, and length
  • To-the-decimal costing
  • Maintenance control of costs for labor, freight, outside services, and surcharges
  • Automatic calculations and updates of yield throughout each step in fabrication, providing precise visibility
  • Quick, intuitive, and detailed order entry
  • Remnants, drops, and random lengths
  • Automated nesting and gross piece pricing on quote and order lines
  • An optimization engine that minimizes scrap, maximizes material utilization, and accelerates order time entry
  • Shipping dispatch board that helps build, monitor, and maintain loads
  • Full visibility into all processes from quote through delivery

Features From RealSTEEL™

  • Remnant and Random Length Tracking
  • Plate and Sheet Burning
  • Cut-to-Length Material
  • Complete Manufacturing Capabilities
  • SigmaNEST Integration for Accurate Nesting
  • Customer Specifications/Defaults
  • Material and Cut Optimization
  • Burn and Cut-to-Length Calculators
  • Costing/Margin Management
  • Vendor Specifications/Defaults
  • Manage Buyouts

Functional Areas

  • Inventory Management
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse Management

You worked hard to grow your business, and with RealSTEEL™ on your side, you will have the control to run your business efficiently. Learn how RealSTEEL™ helps steel and metal companies like yours stay at the top of your game and ahead of your competition