Simplified Sales Quoting
RealSTEEL™ Software

powerful sales and quoting software

Companies within the steel and metals industry need efficiency to stay competitive and profitable in today’s market. With RealSTEELTM’s steel quoting software, sales opportunities are created with ease. Our comprehensive CRM software enables your sales team to focus on what’s really important to their job – improving user experience, building relationships, retaining customers, and attracting new clientele.

The Benefits of RealSTEEL™ for Sales

  • Advanced Technology – Cost calculators are built into our software that accurately quote and calculate the four components of costing: material cost, labor cost (direct and indirect), overhead cost, and outside processing cost and time.
  • Automated Sales Process – Our software was designed with leaders in the industry to be powerful, agile, quick, and easy to use. With RealSTEEL™, the calculation of multiple manufacturing processes and requirements is effectively recorded and overall data entry is simplified.
  • High Quality and Affordable – RealSTEEL™ is an all-inclusive, comprehensive, and cutting-edge management system. Its features enhance the entire sales operations giving your sales team the control it desires. Unlike many other ERP systems, our pricing model is fair, based on the number of users you have, nothing else.

Features that Meet the Needs of Your Customers & Sales Team


RealSTEEL™ comes integrated with an advanced optimization engine that analyzes remnants. This allows for consumption of non-standard lengths while optimizing the material detailed in the sales quote. During the calculation, the optimization engine finds cutting layouts that minimize material waste and operating time.

Customer Specifications/Defaults

RealSTEEL™ offers user customization where you enter a minimal amount of information and the system will instantaneously enable defaults for all of the other attributes. Customers can have defaults for every attribute down to the item and variant level, which may include metal specifications like size and grade.

1D and 2D Optimization Calculators

1D and 2D calculators improve optimization. Reviewing the sales line and inventory of remnants, the optimizer determines the best way to yield the smallest amount of scrap or the largest remnant, while keeping your material costs low. In addition, process time is calculated, contributing to streamlined sales and increased margins.

Burn and Cut-to-Length Calculators

Our burn and cut-to-length calculators use labor rates to assess the cost, process and run times. These calculators provide immediate visibility into the time necessary for each manufacturing process requested by your customers with the ability to share that information on demand.

Order-Promising Tools

Leveraging the vast ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central RealSTEEL™’s order-promising tools deliver enhanced functionality and visibility for customers and sales teams alike. From Available to Promise and Capable to Promise calculations, companies within the steel and metals industry know more with RealSTEEL™.

Costing/Margin Management

Our margins are based on total package cost including these four tenants: material cost, labor cost (direct and indirect), overhead cost, and outside processing. RealSTEEL™ the unique costing, margin management, and inventory requirements specific to the steel and metals industry.

Pre-Built Product Configurations

Customer specifications and manufacturing processing requirements can be complicated, but with pre-built product configurations by RealSTEEL™ configurations are made simple.

Advanced Comment Management

Having numerous comments on the sales and order line is common. With RealSTEEL™, managing and tracking comments across all departments is made easy. Our intuitive software gives you the ability to provide comments and alerts across departments —whether it’s shipping, accounting, or another department – saving your sales team time.

Document Management

Customers often send documents including drawings, blueprints, specifications, and labels during the sales process. A critical component of RealSTEEL™ is the ability to link those documents to an order, making them easily accessible to all users throughout the sale.

Shipping/Load Dispatch Board

RealSTEEL™ features a graphical user interface that leverages ‘drag and drop’ technology to create truck shipments, schedule stops, assign trucks/drivers, and highlight important information in a weekly dashboard by location. Additionally, for each shipment the dashboard provides visibility into shipment weight, delivery date, and duration.

Why RealSTEEL™

The technology and support teams at RealSTEEL™ understand the industry challenges your sales team faces on a day-to-day basis. With their advanced understanding, RealSTEEL™ was designed to be easy-to-use, fast, simple, and flexible. Companies that implement RealSTEEL™ gain a simplified sales process that fosters quality relationships and provides better margins.

Want to know more? Contact us today and learn more about how our RealSTEEL™ steel quoting software allows your sales team to take full advantage of opportunities with customers.