Real-Time Inventory Management
RealSTEEL™ Software

all-in-one inventory management software

Whether you are a steel service center, a metal fabricator, or a supplier within the steel and metals industry, inventory means money. So why use an outdated or unreliable inventory management software that can hurt your reputation and ultimately cost your business?

We Make Specialized Costing Simple

RealSTEEL™ is the all-in-one business management solution you can depend on to accurately and efficiently handle your data, processes, and inventory—through reception and placement in inventory to production and delivery.

The Benefits of RealSTEEL™

With a simple interface, RealSTEEL™ delivers fast return on investment so you can improve service and productivity. Here are three main benefits of RealSTEEL™.
  • Real time detailed tracking of all your inventory
  • Advanced and comprehensive reporting at your fingertips
  • Reduced manual calculations
Whether you’re determining your company’s KPI’s, looking for a resolution to complicated calculations like freight and surcharges, or you need financial security for best credit management and scalability, RealSTEEL™ provides advanced financial management. Request a RealSTEEL™ demo today.

Inventory Management Software for the Steel & Metal Industry Made Easy

From item and material management to product distribution, companies within the steel and metals industry have wide-ranging responsibilities within their operations. The most important tool a steel service center or a metal fabricator can use to manage inventory is a state-of-the-art tracking software. It’s time to forgo your outdated and clunky ERP system and leverage our flexible inventory management software for your steel service center. With RealSteel™ on board you can look forward to:

Steel and Metal Inventory Tracked by Dimensional, Physical, and Chemical Attributes

If you’re a coil slitter, access to view and maintain costs for labor, freight, outside services, and surcharges at the coil level is essential. Our steel inventory software tracks important attributes like those so that you can reserve items for individual jobs or return them to stock. Attributes sometimes change throughout the manufacturing process, which is why accurate tracking can mean the difference between a sale and a lost job.

Parent/Child Lineage Traceability

Within the dashboard is a complete history of your inventory, allowing you to trace things like parent and child lineage. Seeing the lifecycle of a product or data is important not only for your needs, but for your customers’ too.

Actual and Theoretical Weight Tracking

We calculate theoretical weight everywhere based on the attributes of the metal, while also providing the ability to capture actual weight at various steps in the inventory management and production process.

Accurate Yield Calculations

A fabrication facility needs to know what to carry and order to provide proper inventory management. With the software inventory management functionality from RealSteel™, job needs are linked directly to inventory so that on-hand material can be used before purchasing more products.

Remnant and Random Length Tracking

No shop wants excess material sitting around for a long period of time, forcing you to determine what to keep from remnant material, what to scrap, what to use for random length tracking, or what gets written off as a loss. With RealSteel™, reduce costs and avoid wasting material.

Manage Customer Owned Material

The ability to track a receipt and manage customer owned material through manufacturing is key to understanding a complete picture of all inventory and having a proper management process in place.

Extensive Bar Code Labeling

We give you the ability to scan a product rather than manually entering item numbers, Lot numbers, or any other data that needs to be tracked. With RealSteel™ material is easily identified providing visibility into important details and attributes. Generating bar code labels is simple too, as it’s done right within the software for both raw materials and finished good products.

Bundle/Skid Management

Taking Lot management a step further, bundle/skid management is crucial to running your business cost effectively. By consolidating multiple products into a single container or palate for storage and shipment, inventory is efficiently managed.

Full Warehouse Management

Having the data to accurately predict trends and uncover insights will allow your team to operate at their peak performance. The business analytics and reporting features within RealSteel™ help you stay ahead of your competition by recognizing opportunities.

Document Management

Clear the clutter from old documents that take up valuable space and let RealSteel™ capture, store, manage, and track all of your electronic documents.

Automated Data Collection System

Most metal fabricators have limited space, and therefore, service centers will store the material. Fabricators often do not have to carry the items until it is delivered to the shop. RealSteel™ can provide accurate and automated tracking of both material and data to ensure successful and cost-effective deliveries. Our automated data collection system can alleviate worries like rushing orders due to poor planning capabilities.

Why RealSTEEL™

With RealSteel™ software, you get detailed tracking of your entire steel inventory, across all jobs, and with real-time updates. This is valuable as materials are not only received, but also expended throughout your workflow. Our reporting shows the quantity on hand, in addition to the amount needed to reorder and fulfill stock level.

Contact us today and discover how RealSTEEL™ software is helping streamline inventory management across the steel and metal industry.