How Technology Should Work

You and your company deserve a business management solution that is user-friendly and dependable. RealSTEEL™ masters your inventory, data, and processes, providing you with complete control over all operations. With a single interface, RealSTEEL™ delivers a fast return on investment, while improving service, reducing waste, and enhancing productivity for companies within the metals and steel industry.

We believe technology should be seamless. It should enable you to be more efficient.
RealSTEEL™ is a business management system that is:





Information is instantaneous, providing steel and metal companies unmatched visibility and insight. With RealSTEEL™, you receive real time business intelligence.


Specialized calculations, processes, and workflow procedures are all automatic. This eliminates unnecessary and repetitive business processes while enabling advanced productivity. RealSTEEL™ frees up time for employees to do other work.


RealSTEEL™ facilitates accurate costing to help companies make better decisions and drive more business. Tracking everything from inventory to instructions, the ability to share across front office, production, and warehouse is simplified.


Technology is great, however, technology with real people who know the ins and the outs of the industry is better. The RealSTEEL™ support team assists customers when they need it most.


Leveraging the vast ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralRealSTEEL™ delivers enhanced functionality. Forward-thinking financial management, supply chain capabilities, full integration of Microsoft Office products, and business intelligence make RealSTEEL™ limitless.

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