Transparent Production
RealSTEEL™ Software

powerful production software for the metals industry

Today’s steel and metal manufacturers must work smarter than ever in order to keep up with rapidly evolving business processes and customer demands. With competition greater than ever before, delivering the right products on time and on budget isn’t always enough.

Powerful Production Software for the Metals Industry

From higher quality products, superior customer service, and quicker response times—steel manufacturers are being asked to do more with less. And in order to remain competitive, steel and metal fabricators must continually drive innovation while maintaining flexibility in their day-to-day operations. That’s where RealSTEEL™ comes in. Designed around the familiar and trusted Microsoft Dynamics NAV RealSTEEL™ delivers the tools you need to successfully manage your business.

Keeping your shop running smoothly is no easy task, but it can be with RealSteel™. Enabling your people to record actual production, scrap, sheers, break weights, remnants, and more,RealSteel™ tracks projects from start to finish—freeing you up to concentrate on what matters most. Built with operational excellence at its core, our steel production software gives manufacturers an edge up on your competition.

The Benefits of RealSteel™

Designed to help steel fabricators quickly and easily route materials and jobs through production environments, our steel and metal production software gives your entire team visibility into each and every step, enabling them to:

  • Calculate highly competitive quotes extremely fast
  • Effectively manage business with work orders
  • Gain thorough insight into profit margins

RealSTEEL™ Production Planning and Scheduling Features

Coil Slitting

Through the use of MES workstations, employees can collect information in real-time and create specific slitting layouts —all while gaining instant access into material cost usage, set-up time, and downtime.

Plate and Sheet Burning

Driven by sales demand —gather information, track exceptions, and generate production order NESTs —all with the push of a button.

Cut-to-Length Material

Minimize scrap or maximize remnants with optimizations engines that create production order NESTs.

Additional Manufacturing Processes

From drill holes to weld rods, easily specify processes and associated material information on traditional manufacturing processes.

AMS Eclipse Integration

Feed orders quickly and easily into production while capturing real-time changes in orders based on shop floor activity.

SigmaNEST Integration for Accurate Nesting

Set up nesting processes and minimize waste, reduce fabrication time and increase productivity.

BOM and Routing by Dimension and Attribute

Calculated by dimensional attributes, route as you go without maintaining a bill of materials or a production routing.

Streamlined Outside Processing

Add vendors and capture costs and material used when working with outside companies.

Factory Workstations that Report Activity in Real-Time

Our web-based MES workstations allow you to gather information and enter actual order activity directly from the shop floor.

Why RealSTEEL™

RealSteel™ Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, RealSteel™ is an affordable business management system that automates specialized calculations and processes required by the steel and metals industry. Combined with financial management, production and supply chain capabilities, RealSteel™ software gives you unprecedented control of purchasing, producing, stocking, planning, inventory, and selling.

Contact us today and learn more about how RealSteel™ can streamline production and your bottom line.