Why Choose RealSTEEL™

Created by industry experts and the Wolcott Group, RealSTEEL™ is a state-of-the-art business management solution made specifically for the steel and metals industry. From managing inventory and costing, to shipping products within 24 hours, the professionals behind RealSTEEL™ understand the challenges that your business faces.

Why Choose RealSTEEL™

With a deep understanding of the industry, our experts strategically developed RealSTEEL™ to not only identify the business problems you face, but provide solutions— making it the most advanced business management system for steel and metal producers.

Steel Software Built for Success

Here are six main functional areas where RealSTEEL™ provides customers with an effective industry-focused solution:


Your finances are organized into appropriate categories to help you stay on track. We have the ability to bring the four tenants of costing to metals: material cost, labor cost (both direct and indirect), overhead cost, and outside processing cost.

Inventory Management

With RealSTEEL™, inventory tracking is automated and quoting is quick, providing accurate end-to-end inventory tracking and costing based on multiple attributes and yield variations.


RealSTEEL™ provides a shop floor manufacturing execution system with the ability to record actual production, scrap, sheers, break weights, and remnants, all while determining which cuts or parts require excess material due to scrap or material defects.


RealSTEEL™ provides you with detailed information on all purchases, from planned to unplanned, and as they relate to managing your truckloads. With RealSTEEL™, you gain control over your products, ensuring that what you bought will sell.


With the RealSTEEL™ solution, you know your quotes will reflect accurate processing costs, material costs, and availability.RealSTEEL™ provides your sales team with the tools needed to accurately share quotes and bring in more business for your company.

warehouse management

Run your business and your warehouse more efficiently with RealSTEEL™flexible WMS solution. With real-time tracking and traceability, you can boost productivity while reducing costs.

Whether you need to improve your inventory management process or your overall sales, RealSTEEL™, offers you the scalability and control to operate your business effectively. Contact us today and learn more about RealSTEEL™.