All-In-One Purchasing
RealSTEEL™ Software

all-in-one steel & metal purchasing software

Purchasing plays a vital role in keeping your daily operations on track. That’s why at RealSTEEL™ our software provides metal distributors and fabricators with detailed information on all purchases—whether planned or unplanned. With RealSTEEL™ you gain control over your products, ensuring that what you’ve bought will sell.

The Benefits of RealSteel™

Providing you with superior control over purchasing, RealSTEEL™ delivers strong price and discount support to help your purchasing agents achieve their goal of obtaining the best price for purchased goods. With RealSTEEL™ agents can:

  • Purchase material more efficiently
  • Calculate and control costs
  • Save time by creating quick, accurate purchase orders

RealSTEEL™ Purchasing Features

Capture, Customize, & Store Product Details

Capture information on material that comes in, including dimensions and chemical properties. Scan and store certifications for material heats and set-up, and customize attributes as it’s loaded onto the dock.

Vendor Management & Quoting

Send quotes to multiple vendors and view messages from them—all in one place. Additionally, specify preferred vendors, easily access vendor information including price agreements and discount and shipping/receiving arrangements.

Purchase Invoicing

Set up, post, and print invoices and credit memos in just a few clicks.

Purchase Line Discounting

Manage multiple item purchase price discounts that you have negotiated with vendors based on parameters such as minimum quantity, unit of measure, currency, item variant, and time period.

Purchase Invoice Discounts

Obtain the best prices available by calculating invoice discounts automatically. Discounts differ from vendor to vendor with different minimum amounts and rates, depending on the size of the invoice.

Purchase Order Management

Quickly and easily manage purchase quotes, blanket orders, and purchase order processes.

Purchase Return Order Management

Compensate your own company for wrong or damaged items by creating a purchase return order.

Why RealSTEEL™

Ready to improve inventory management along with your relationships with vendors?

Purchasing within Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be used to efficiently track all purchasing activity from the time that a quote is created until all goods are received and all invoices are paid.

Contact us today and learn how RealSTEEL™ can streamline your purchasing processes.