Value Proposition
RealSTEEL™ Software

Value Proposition

A Glance into the Four Pillars of Cost


Most companies today don’t have a true manufacturing solution in place to track materials. With multiple variables impacting the cost of materials and labor, not being able to capture and measure data gives managers a skewed view so they can’t confidently answer critical questions.


Organizations spend a lot of time and resources hiring people who care about their quality of work. However, if you don’t have the tools in place to help them reach their full potential, your production can suffer. Collecting data helps you identify top performers’ practices so you can improve productivity.


Allocation of overhead costs can be a deal breaker in the profit or loss of a job as well as in the line of business. If your company isn’t tracking the inputs and outputs throughout the process, there will likely be errors in costs and schedules.

Outside Processing

Few Roll Forming and Building Material Manufacturers have the equipment in place to handle every aspect of every order, so they enlist the help of outside processors to deliver services. However, in doing so it makes it hard to maintain visibility inside and outside of your facility.

Power Your Manufacturing Business with RealSTEEL™ Software

Manufacturers will always face challenges, from volatile metal costs and extreme quality variance to short lead times. However, information doesn’t need to be one of those challlenges. RealSTEEL™ is a powerful and affordable ERP system that manages the specialized requirements of the metals industry, building on the business intelligence and operational excellence of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Giving you unprecedented insight into your organization, RealSTEEL™ helps you take back control of the four pillars of cost in your Roll Forming and Building Material Manufacturing business.

With RealSTEEL™ You Can:

  • Gain Visibility into Operations
  • Grow Top Line Revenue
  • Create More Product Opportunities
  • Increase Operational Effectiveness
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Save Time and Resources

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