Flexible Accounting & Finance
RealSTEEL™ Software

All-In-One Steel Accounting & Finance Software

RealSTEEL™ software by the Wolcott Group is a flexible accounting solution designed to give steel service centers, metal fabricators, coil slitters, pipe and tube processors, and other companies within the steel and metals industry enhanced functionality across all operations. With our steel accounting software in place you’ll be able to easily manage your processes and procedures while increasing your productivity and profits.

We Make Specialized Costing Simple

RealSTEEL™ provides visibility into all facets of your business and has helped organizations of all sizes effectively manage their financial assets. When you upgrade your steel accounting software to  RealSTEEL™, you gain financial comfort, such as:

  • Budgeting, specialized costing, forecasting, and overall management of your finances and accounting in one place
  • Integrated data from financial analysis tools for seamless reporting
  • Confidence when making financial decisions, thanks to integration of business intelligence tools
Whether you’re determining your company’s KPI’s, looking for a resolution to complicated calculations like freight and surcharges, or you need financial security for best credit management and scalability,  RealSTEEL™ provides advanced financial management. Request a RealSTEEL™ demo today

Unparalleled Financial Benefits

From end-to-end visibility to specialized costing, our business management software, RealSTEEL™, gives customers:

Tiered Customer Hierarchy

Our tiered customer hierarchy helps you understand your customer relationships and determine their satisfaction. Our customer hierarchy chart is simple to set up and allows customers to review all areas of their business.

Advanced Credit Management

Collecting payments from your customers and handling credit policies can help you improve revenues and reduce any financial risk.

Visibility to Product Profitability

It’s important to see the revenue you’re making from your products and services. Visibility ensures that you’re covering your expenses and making a profit. By calculating and then comparing a handful of financial metrics, you can identify the areas of your business that are working well and those that need improvement.

Accurate Job Costing by Sales Order Line

Having specialized job costing gives you a clear view into your finances. Effectively maintain the four tenants of costing metals: material cost, labor cost (both direct and indirect), overhead cost, and outside processing cost, all by the sales order line.

Accurate Job Costing by Lot

With specialized job costing, visibility becomes that much more important. RealSTEEL™ gives users the ability to see into and maintain areas like labor costs.

Freight Cost Tracking

Having a complete view of products, RealSTEEL™ promotes better workflow movement and allows you to easily match loads to available trucks. Freight cost tracking is often one of the largest expenses, which is why proper tracking and management of it is essential to your continued success.

Rebate Management

RealSTEEL™ makes it easy for you to rollout, monitor, pay rebates, and ultimately improve margins. From tracking orders to viewing detailed reports, your process is automated.

Surcharge Management

Controlling costs and surcharge management through RealSTEEL™ effectively helps businesses lower and eliminate transaction fees.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Having the data to accurately predict trends and uncover insights will allow your team to operate at their peak performance. The business analytics and reporting features within RealSTEEL™ help you stay ahead of your competition by recognizing opportunities.

Document Management

Clear the clutter from old documents that take up valuable space and let RealSTEEL™ capture, store, manage, and track all of your electronic documents.

Why RealSTEEL™

Your business decisions can impact overall operations and strategic planning; let the experts at RealSTEEL™ guide you. With, you can achieve complete control over your finances.

Contact us and learn how RealSTEEL™ helps organizations like yours stay ahead of the curve.