Effiecient Warehouse Management
RealSTEEL™ Software

warehouse management software by RealSTEEL™

Today’s leading steel and metal manufactures demand powerful, flexible Warehouse Management Software (WMS) to help them run their businesses more efficiently. Helping boost productivity and reduce costs, RealSTEEL™’s warehouse management solution offers real-time tracking and traceability along with the support you need to ensure a profitable end-to-end operation.

The Benefits of RealSTEEL™

Delivering a rapid return on investment, RealSTEEL™ warehouse management software works to:

  • Support the day-to-day operations of your entire warehouse
  • Track inventory levels and stock locations
  • Increase labor productivity and customer satisfaction

Drive Performance Throughout your Entire Operation

Maximum Use of Warehouse Space

Improve warehouse capacity by allowing items to move more quickly throughout your facility. Telling operators where to put an item, the system maximizes each area and selects the storage location that best fits the product.

Simplify Bin Setup

Quickly set-up and maintain bins by defining the layout of your warehouse along with the dimensions of your racks, shelves, and columns. You can also easily maintain planning parameters by defining limitations and characteristics of each bin.

Manage Items on a Bin Level

Set up, post, and print invoices and credit memos in just a few clicks. Create internal pick and put-away orders based on zone and bin rankings without using a source document. Move items between bins using a report for optimizing the space and the picking process, or move items manually.

Wireless Data Capture System (WDCS)

Capture data and ensure its accuracy in any environment. With WDCS you can support numerous workflows within the Warehouse Management System and enable warehouse automation.

Eliminate Mistakes & Errors

Eliminate errors in your warehouse by implementing best practices that support inbound and outbound processing and operational planning. Reducing fulfillment and shipping mistakes not only lowers the cost of errors, but also increases customer satisfaction.

Why RealSTEEL™

Driven by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, RealSTEEL™’s warehouse management software gives you complete control of your warehouse operations. From inbound to outbound processing—it brings together products, equipment, storage and people into a single, cohesive system—resulting in a bigger bottom line.

Contact us and discover how RealSTEEL™ can help you successfully manage your day-to-day warehouse operations.