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Build Stronger Walls With Stronger Technology

steel erpBuilding material and metal stud manufacturers have no room for error when manufacturing steel studs, tracks, joists or other metal building materials. These materials must be produced in accordance with carefully defined client specifications and must meet the time and cost guidelines specified in the quote. Getting it wrong can impact an important building project, which can tarnish your reputation and leave long-lasting financial repercussions. Deploy the technology you need to build stronger materials efficiently and profitably.

Building material manufacturers have a lot of information to manage and using paper-based processes and elaborate spreadsheets is time-consuming and risky. The more time spent on monitoring inventory, overseeing production and managing customer demands means less time to spend on growing your business. Gain control over data, labor and resource management and improve customer satisfaction with stronger technology.

Deploy the Solution Designed Just for the Steel and Metals Industry

There aren’t many building material software systems designed to address the unique operations for businesses within the steel and metals industry, or more specifically, building material manufacturers. RealSTEEL is a flexible, integrated solution, crafted by industry experts who understand the real challenges faced by building material manufacturers.

Right out-of-the-box, manufacturers can gain control over financial operations, inventory, production, sales and purchasing, and warehouse operations within this single, centralized solution. RealSTEEL for building material manufacturers also offers AMS Eclipse Integration Remnant, coil slitting, rebate management and comprehensive testing and sampling features.

Building material manufacturers can rely on RealSTEEL to:

  • strengthen management of labor, freight, outside services and other operations
  • capture and access blueprint information, by floor and section, and other customer specifications quickly and efficiently
  • use built-in manufacturing execution systems for further insight into actual production, including monitoring scrap, shears, and break weights
  • determine whether additional cuts can be made from scraps, so inventory isn’t needlessly wasted
  • improve product packaging, bundle or skid management
  • take advantage of time and cost savings with transportation options

RealSTEEL offers multi-currency and multi-lingual features for building material manufacturers to help you work in different regions and connect multiple warehouses across corporate entities. Strengthen operations and client relationships with stronger building material software. Contact The Wolcott Group for more information about deploying RealSTEEL to support your unique business operations and drive growth.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry.

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