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The Power of Unified Data for Metals Processors

We don’t have to tell you that metals processing can be complex. You already know how challenging it is to optimize inventory and production while controlling costs. It gets even more complicated as you expand from traditional workflows into new processing services such as bending, drilling, and assembling. How do you manage all these activities and their associated costs? The key is unified data.

What is unified data?

Chances are your current data sources are fragmented, if accessible at all. When you can connect and view all your data into one centralized place, that is referred to as unified data. When it is consolidated, it can provide a more complete and accurate view of what is really going on in your business. And when you can securely share information with workers on any device, they can be more productive and successful in their jobs.

Cloud ERP for metals processors enables you to unify data on a single platform, connecting your data and your processes from sales through shipment.

The benefits of cloud ERP for your metal processing company are numerous, including controlling costs, saving time and resources, increasing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction.

How to Control Costs with Unified Data

In order to control costs, it is critical to have accurate and up-to-date information about what is going on across your business at all times. In particular, managers need clear visibility into the four main components of metals processing:

  1. Materials
  2. Labor
  3. Overhead
  4. External Processing

Once you have access to this data, it becomes much easier to optimize operations and maintain profits. For example, you can place materials orders with precision and optimize production scheduling. You can also automate job routing to coordinate the complex matrix of materials and resources required to fulfill orders on time and within budget.

How to Optimize Inventory and Production with Unified Data

From sales to shipping, unified data provides powerful connections that can streamline your entire metal processing operation. By using a cloud-based ERP platform, you can achieve full integration across sales, purchasing, production, inventory management, and fulfillment. Here are a few of the new functions you can employ.

  • Allocate coils at order entry for production planning
  • Route jobs through production automatically
  • Optimize resources and allocate materials at each step
  • Manage outsourced processes including materials, semi-finished products and finished goods

Unified data gives metals processors unprecedented visibility into all facets of the business. All relevant data is delivered directly into the hands of managers and operators through the use of dashboards and machine-based displays, providing insight as orders move through production.

Ready to put the power of unified data to work for your business?

For more information, download our eBook, New Rules of Metals Operations: How Cloud ERP Delivers Data-Driven Insights and Masters Multi-Step Processing.

And to explore the benefits of unified data live, contact us today to schedule a personal demo of how a cloud-based ERP solution like RealSTEEL is designed to help metals processers be more efficient, effective, and agile.


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