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Solving the Steel and Metals Industry’s Technology Challenges

3d printing steel
Science is pushing the boundaries of 3D printing, and the technology is poised to transform the steel and metals industry. Image courtesy WikiMedia.

Businesses in the steel and metals industry have a difficult time finding management systems that support complicated operations. Traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions simply don’t have the features or functionality to address complex inventory management, streamline the quoting process or provide visibility into profitability or customer satisfaction.

Struggling with inefficient legacy systems isn’t good for business. Replace outdated technology with a solution designed for the steel and metals industry – RealSTEEL.
Steel service centers, metal fabricators, coil slitters and other businesses within the steel and metals industry are often stuck with inefficient software systems because they have few other options. However, settling with software that doesn’t align with business operations is more trouble than it’s worth. Frustrated by lacking or slow functionality, employees turn to paper-based processes or spreadsheets to capture and manage data.

Not only are manual processes a drain on productivity, they can lead to mistakes as data is transcribed from one system or document into another. Managers get farther away from reliable, real-time data, which impacts decision making and can trigger even more mistakes. Losing track of inventory, for example, can lead to stock-outs, delaying production and frustrating customers. On the other hand, poor inventory management can cause overstocking and puts more pressure on cash flow.

Improve Productivity, Profitability and Customer Satisfaction with RealSTEEL

Replace inefficient or legacy software systems with RealSTEEL, an all-in-one steel ERP solution that offers enhanced functionality across all operations. Businesses in the steel and metals industry can finally gain control and insight over financial transactions, inventory management, production operations, purchasing, sales activities and warehouse operations. This integrated solution is flexible and scalable to meet the unique needs of your business now and as you plan for growth.

Time-saving automation streamline common tasks, improving the productivity of employees. Instead of pushing papers and searching for data, managers can monitor operations from visual dashboards and use business intelligence (BI) features to drill down into key metrics. With reliable, real-time data, you can respond faster to deviations, identify trends in customer behaviors or product movement, and position your business to weather changes in marketplace or customer demands.
Don’t waste any more time with outdated software. Replace legacy systems with modern, innovative steel ERP solutions for your industry. Contact The Wolcott Group today for more information on RealSTEEL.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry.

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