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12 Questions Steel Service Centers Should Ask Before Buying Business Software

As you evaluate software options to replace your accounting or legacy ERP, get this list of key questions to gauge what is best to support your long term goals.

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Steel service centers and metal fabricators, like other industries, are facing a business shift that requires action. The leaders in the industry are using technology to provide better service to customers, track costs more accurately and tighten internal operations. To thrive in the connected world, you need business management systems that will improve service, reduce waste and build productivity. As you evaluate replacements for your accounting or legacy ERP software, you must ask the right questions.

Your success depends on your ability to optimize processes and master your supply chain through technology. We’ve compiled a list of questions to help you choose business management software that will support your long-term goals. The vendors you talk to should have definitive, detailed answers to the following questions…

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