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Streamline the Sales Quoting Process with RealSTEEL

realsteel-metals-erpPreparing sales quotes for customers is challenging in the steel and metals industry. An assortment of variables goes into preparing a quote including material, labor costs, overhead and outside processing costs. Businesses can’t trust these estimates to calculators, hand-crafted spreadsheets or software built for other types of businesses. Streamline the quoting process and improve accuracy with a solution tailored to address the complicated operations in your industry.

A reliable quoting process is necessary for businesses in the steel and metals industry in order to remain competitive and profitable. The marketplace is fast-paced and the competition can be fierce. Customers are looking for a business that can satisfy their price points and timeframes while businesses like yours are focused on protecting thinning profit margins. Making a mistake during the quoting process can impact your bottom line and business relationships.

Automate and Improve Quote Accuracy with RealSTEEL

Preparing quotes by hand is both time-consuming and risky. Replace an inefficient, manual process with RealSTEEL. This modern management solution offers built-in cost calculators that quickly and accurately draw on the data you need to prepare an estimate: material costs, direct and indirect labor costs, overhead and outside processing cost and time.

  • Your sales team enters customer specifications into RealSTEEL, such as metal size and grade, and other project attributes.
  • After entering pertinent project information, RealSTEEL automatically enables defaults for other attributes.
  • Calculation of multiple manufacturing processes and requirements is also recorded, further simplifying the data-entry portion of this process.
  • During calculations, optimization engines evaluate other details, such as cutting layouts, to minimize waste and operating time.
  • The calculation process also takes into consideration the inventory of remnants to yield the least amount of scrap.

A variety of documentation is often needed during the quoting process, such as blueprints and drawings, labels or other specifications. Documents and comments can be included in the sales and order lines. Clear instructions can be shared with manufacturing, shipping, the accounting department and other key areas to ensure projects are handled in accordance with the quote, customer preferences, and customary business operations.

Save time, protect profit margins and strengthen customer relationships by replacing traditional manual quoting with more efficient, accurate steel quoting software.

Contact us today for more information about using RealSTEEL to streamline, automate and improve accuracy through the quoting process.

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