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Are Your Financials Buried or Front and Center

In order to make smart, data-driven decisions, roll forming and building material manufacturers must have quick access to reliable financial and operational data. Understanding operational efficiencies is necessary for understanding the costs of material and labor, which are needed for accurate quotes and monitoring profit margins. Are your financials buried in disparate systems or entry-level accounting systems, or is your data front and center, right where you need it?
Businesses in the steel and metals industry, including roll forming and building material manufacturers, are increasingly turning to building material software to more efficiently manage operations. Like in other industries, software is necessary for managing financials, inventory and supply chain, manufacturing activities and other core processes. There is no shortage of specialty software tailored for each of these activities; however, disparate systems isolate data, making it harder to reach and analyze. As discussed in “Buried Costs: The Critical Answers Roll Forming and Building Material Manufacturers Get Wrong with Disconnected Data,” the four pillars of cost are necessary for managing profitability: materials, labor, overhead and outside processing costs. Business leaders can’t monitor these key performance indicators if they are juggling disparate systems.

Protect Profit Margins with RealSTEEL

Protect Thinning Profit Margins and Strengthen Operations With RealSTEEL

Basic business software doesn’t suit the complicated needs of roll forming or building materials manufacturers. Replace these inefficient systems with a solution designed and built by industry experts for the steel and metals industry. RealSTEEL is an integrated ERP solution that gives manufacturers the ability to manage inventory, data and processes in one system, and gain both control and insight into operations. RealSTEEL includes built-in functionality for managing financials, inventory, production, sales, purchasing and warehouse operations. Since data is centrally located, it can be entered, accessed and analyzed quickly. As a result, your leaders can respond faster to deviations with metal costs, quality variance and short lead times, and other common fluctuations in the steel and metals industry.
Roll forming manufacturers will be able to plan and schedule raw-material purchases, minimize waste with raw materials and finished products, track pallets and manage outside processing cots. With line-by-line visibility, you can determine how much profit each lot can make under certain conditions or product attributes. Similarly, building material manufacturers can control costs for labor, freight, outside services and surcharges. Integrating blueprint information into the formula, leaders can improve quote and order lines, and determine additional cuts and materials required from scraps.
Your business leaders need quick access to current, reliable data in order to protect profit margins. Replace disparate software with a solution crafted and customized to meet your specific business needs. Contact The Wolcott Group for more information about putting your financials front and center with RealSTEEL.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a real-world solution for the steel and metals industry

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