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Automation Drives Profits For Steel Service Centers and Metal Manufacturers

There is no time to waste in this fast-paced marketplace. Manual tasks and spreadsheets decentralize data, making it harder to respond quickly to customer demands or optimize inventory and production activities. A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will streamline operations, automate common daily tasks and calculations and drive profits for steel service centers and metal manufacturers. Deliver on your promises and fuel profits by replacing outdated business systems with more modern technology.

The Key to Profits Is Time-Saving Automation

Outdated and disparate business systems simply can’t keep up with the pace of business or changing customer demands. Employees get frustrated with inefficient software and redundant processes, then resort to spreadsheets and other workarounds which isolate data further. Customers want to work with responsive companies and won’t wait long for return calls.

In this digital era, customers will just as easily turn to your competitors for more responsive service. In this eBook, “6 Trends Changing the Game for Steel Service Centers and Metal Manufacturers,” you’ll find that an integrated business management solution is critical for automating common tasks to save time and capturing the data you need to manage profits.

When planning and calculating a project for a customer, steel service centers and metal fabricators consider an assortment of processes and inventory variables. Every aspect from customer specifications to materials required and inventory availability to internal and outsourced operations can either make or break the bottom line.Collecting and analyzing this data from disparate software systems and spreadsheets takes far too long and mistakes with calculations could threaten profit margins.A modern, integrated management system like RealSTEEL can streamline and simplify this complicated process.

Protect Your Bottom Line with RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL centralizes data and includes built-in workflows, as well as other time-saving automations, to expedite the quoting process. This automation eliminates repetitive processes which improves the productivity of your employees. In addition, you can be confident that you have current, reliable data when preparing an estimate. RealSTEEL offers the unique functionality steel service centers and metal manufacturers need, including:

  • A robust manufacturing execution system (MES) to standardize common processes, reduce workarounds and optimize labor and material resources
  • Barcoding systems to streamline inventory management from end to end
  • Estimating processes that automate the selection of variables and calculations to minimize scrap and maximize material utilization
  • Purchase order processing that automates the approval process and provides backorder alerts.
  • Special order handling features ensure customer specifications or preferences aren’t lost or sidestepped altogether

Replacing outdated business systems with more modern technology will provide the time-saving automation you need to improve productivity, optimize the quoting process and boost profitability. RealSTEEL was designed specifically to address the unique and complicated processes of steel service centers and metal manufacturers. Download our eBookand contact us for more information.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, ‘real world’ ERP for the steel and metals industry

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