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Build a Strong Business By Strengthening Inventory Control

steel inventory managementSteel manufacturers and steel service centers invest a lot of money in inventory, which means little can go to waste. Accurate tracking of inventory, yield and scrap, and parent-child traceability is necessary for satisfying customer needs, as well as protecting profit margins.

In addition to vast quantities of inventory scattered throughout warehouses and distribution centers, items can have an array of attributes to manage. Monitoring inventory with manual processes is time-consuming and risky. Overstocking can put pressure on finances, yet stock-outs can leave customers frustrated and tarnish your reputation.

Strengthen control and build a stronger business with the support of an inventory management software solution designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in the steel and metals industry. Gain greater insight and control over inventory with a solution designed for the unique needs of businesses like yours – RealSTEEL.

Changing Expectations

RealSTEEL tracks all the unique variables of inventory, including dimensional, physical and chemical attributes. Barcode labeling streamlines the ability to track inventory as it enters the warehouse, is used in production, restocked, or is sent to customers as finished products. With simple dashboards, leaders can monitor inventory availability, as well as the lifecycle of the products, including parent and child lineage. Knowing what you have in stock, and where, enables your procurement team to make data-driven, strategic purchasing decisions. Using inventory on-hand, including remnants, will reduce costs and waste.

Armed with a complete history of inventory, leaders can monitor product lifecycle, but also identify trends. Getting to know customers better and understanding product and marketplace tends, will better position your business to navigate changes. Avoid replenishing stock, for example, for products customers no longer want and discover innovative new products that are increasing in demand.

You’ve already invested a lot of money in inventory. Protect your investment by replacing manual processes with a management solution tailored to your unique business needs. By gaining greater visibility and control over inventory, you can save time and money, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen your business.

Contact us today for more information about strengthening your inventory management processes with RealSTEEL and using this control to build a stronger business.

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