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Metals Industry Myths About Cloud ERP: Implementation Takes Forever

Everyone who has been through an ERP implementation has stories to tell about disruption, delays, and drawn-out processes. In the past, on-premises ERP projects required the deployment of new hardware—often including new workstations for each employee—complex data migrations, custom development to meet unique requirements, and extensive training to help workers adapt to unfamiliar user interfaces.

It’s not surprising, with such a painful history, that the myth about cloud ERP taking a long time to implement continues to circulate. Luckily, the days of long, drawn-out ERP implementations is coming to an end. Transformed by the cloud and welcomed by a new generation of tech-savvy employees. In fact, there is a far better term to describe the transition to a modern cloud-based business management system: Onboarding.

Cloud ERP onboarding

Unlike the total overhaul of traditional software systems, cloud-based ERP can help your organization improve business processes one piece at a time. You can prioritize the functions most critical to profitability and onboard departments or business units at your own pace.

Through cloud-based ERP, your organization can “turn-on” functionality where and as you need it. Licensing is paid as a monthly fee based on user count and functionality, so the onboarding costs will align with the size of the project you define.

Cloud-based ERP can provide more pre-built tools and processes that align with common business practices—like accounts payable and accounts receivable management. Integration with other systems is far easier through cloud data management, allowing you to centralize data and get greater visibility across your business.

By selecting a cloud-based ERP designed specifically for the metals industry, even more processes and tools will be available to streamline onboarding. Inventory management that can handle the multiple attributes of metal and costing designed to allocate across processes will save you time and money.

Familiar workspaces

RealSTEEL cloud-based ERP is built on the familiar foundation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. As the gold standard of business software, Microsoft-based solutions help ease the transition to a new system for your employees. Training goes faster and workers have confidence in their ability to use the solution. Companies that onboard RealSTEEL find:

  • The easy-to-use interface that works like Microsoft Office takes less training time than most ERP systems.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office products simplifies the transition to new forms and reports.
  • Fast, easy integration to your existing technology systems speeds up the implementation to deliver ROI quickly.

Onboard anywhere, securely

As you onboard cloud ERP, you can include employees across regions and time zones at the same time.  Employees have instant anywhere, anytime access to the information they need from the start.

A Microsoft-based cloud ERP, like RealSTEEL, comes with the best security available. Through a layered security model, Microsoft cloud applications restrict data access to ensure users have the information they need and help prevent data breaches. Security settings can be tailored meet the unique needs of your business. You can have full confidence that employees can work productively and securely—anywhere, anytime.

Get started

To see if cloud-based ERP can help your organization update critical functions quickly, let’s talk. Cloud-based ERP will help you connect your people to the information they need and drive the business processes to optimize resources. We know metals and would love to help you get started on your digital journey.

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