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Coordinating Job Costing and Project Budgets in the Steel and Metals Industry

RealSTEEL Inventory ManagementPreparing estimates and quotes in the steel and metals industry is a challenging task in and of itself. What happens after you secure the contract? Are you able to ensure your project follows the budget and time milestones established in the quote? Coordinate job costing and manage project budgets, from start to finish, with a business management solution designed to address the complicated needs for business in the steel and metals industry.

Steel and metal service centers, fabricators and manufacturers are finding that doing more with less is becoming the norm these days, which is putting many companies between the proverbial rock and hard place. Preparing estimates with some breathing space in the profit margins is getting tricky and it’s still not enough to protect thinning profit margins. Manufacturers also need to be flexible and innovative during day-to-day operations, improving productivity and reducing waste. RealSTEEL is just the tool needed to support leaner, meaner operations.

Improve Productivity and Reduce Waste With RealSTEEL

Work smarter, not harder, by adding time-saving automations and taking advantage of the innovative features within RealSTEEL. This comprehensive, integrated ERP solution offers a centralized location for core business data. You can manage accounting and financial operations, the supply chain and inventory, manufacturing operations, and other day-to-day activities with greater efficiency.

By centralizing data within RealSTEEL, you and your team will have visibility within each and every step of the production process from quote to delivery. Specifically designed to address the unique needs in the steel and metals industry, RealSTEEL offers powerful functionality for production planning and scheduling, such as:

  • 1. Web-based MES workstations: Factory workstations will capture and report actual order activity in real-time. Managers can track activity and monitor material cost usage, set-up time and downtime.
  • 2. AMS Eclipse Integration: As orders are fed into production, managers can capture real-time changes based on shop floor activity.
  • 3. SigmaNEST Integration: Establish nesting processes that reduce waste and fabrication time while increasing productivity.
  • 4. Control inventory, reduce waste: RealSTEEL includes powerful optimization engines that minimize scrap and remnants. Plan efficient cut-to-length, plate and sheet burning, and other manufacturing activities to use the most of the inventory you have on hand.

Armed with real-time insight, managers can track projects and respond faster to exceptions to ensure projects reach established time and budget milestones. Track projects from start to finish in RealSTEEL and be confident that you are meeting customer expectations and revenue goals. Let us know if we can help you improve productivity, reduce waste and protect thinning profit margins.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry.

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