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Are You Getting the Most from Your Metal Fabrication Software?

Many metal fabricators choose business software that meets a specific need, such as unique accounting procedures or inventory management processes. However, with changes in marketplace conditions, customer demands, or growth, the software is no longer effective and your people use creative workarounds to capture data. As a result, this collection of disparateMetal Frabrication Software systems can create delays, introduce the risk for errors, and make it difficult to respond quickly to customer demands or drive growth. It’s time to use a business management solution that can align with your business needs today and remain aligned as your business grows and changes.

An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers a number of features that are beneficial to businesses of all sizes and in many industry sectors. Most ERP provides an efficient way to manage financial operations, suppliers and vendors, inventory, manufacturing and distribution processes, and, in many cases, payroll and other human resources activities. While these features can certainly support businesses in the steel and metals industry, it’s at a minimal level. Metal fabricators perform unique processes and require specialized functionality to manage these particular activities.

Gain Control and Visibility With a More Specific Solution, Like RealSTEEL

Specific industries need technology that is tailored to specific needs and RealSTEEL was designed for businesses in the steel and metals industry.

  • Gain strong financial management, supply chain, and business intelligence features to provide the control and visibility needed to improve operations, reduce waste, and strengthen customer services.
  • Manage inventory by dimension, physical attributes, and chemical attributes.
  • Monitor inventory with full traceability, including parent/child lineage, as well as yield calculations, theoretical and actual weight tracking, remnant and random length tracking, and by bundle or skid.
  • Manage customer-owned material.
  • Enjoy a simplified user interface, making it easier for your people to enter, access and use the data within the system.
  • Access built-in business intelligence features to highlight trending data you can use to improve operations, reduce wasteful processes, and extend profit margins.
  • Streamline reporting for shareholders, banks, customers and regulatory agencies.

Provide your people with a tool they will use so you get the most from your metal fabrication software. Contact The Wolcott Group for more information the specific features in RealSTEEL that improve productivity, profitability, and customer service for metal fabricators.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry

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