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How Coil Slitters Use Technology to Compete

How can coil slitters use modern technology to compete at a higher level? We’ve got a few ways modern technology like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions take what were once complex processes for coil slitters and make them seamless. When you can track the dimensional, chemical, and physical attributes of inventory, you get real insights into production and operations.

Changes in Coil Slitting

Imagine that you just rejoined the coil slitting industry after a 10-year hiatus. What changes would you see? While the basic concepts of coil slitting may be the same, the metals industry has experienced great change over the last decade. The first thing you may notice is that many of today’s coils are larger than ever and require heavier gauges and higher strength materials. That in turns requires updated and redesigned equipment. Another change you may notice is that the most successful coil slitters are investing in and using modern technology to manage their businesses.

Just like new coil composition can necessitate the need for new equipment, changing market conditions also create the need for new software solutions. Here are just a few of the many automated tasks that can now be integrated into your business:

  • Track orders at every step in the process, both internally and externally
  • Optimize scheduling to improve productivity, reducing non-billable time
  • Allocate coils at order entry or production planning
  • Support complex operations, including multi-company, multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-warehouse

It’s All About Profits

Just like your business equipment needs evolve, so do your software needs. Without a modern ERP system to accurately measure costs and margins, it is tough to compete in today’s market. To improve profitability, you need to continually monitor performance and identify ways to increase operational efficiencies.

An industry-specific ERP platform like RealSTEEL provides the data and insight you need to grow your business. Coil slitters who migrate their legacy software systems or ERP platforms to RealSTEEL are now able to:

  • Track margins, including costs of outside processing on a line-by-line basis for every order
  • Identify products with pricing that has not increased to match rising material or processing costs
  • Identify production lines or outside processors that are consistently missing projections

Custom Software Built for Your Need

RealSTEEL™ is an affordable ERP solution that uniquely addresses the specialized needs of the Coil Slitting industry. Built on the business intelligence and operations excellence of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, our solution tracks production, manages scrap and materials, and allows for advanced customizations. Coil slitters will see improved productivity, service, and business operations. From viewing and maintaining labor costs, freight, and outside services to generating specifications like packaging, or loading and tracking—we have coil slitters covered.

Contact us today to discover how RealSTEEL™ can help you be more competitive.

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