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How to Use Integrated Business Systems to Strengthen Your Processes & People

Disparate business systems decentralize the very data that steel service centers and metal fabricators need to cost projects, control inventory, and deliver quality products to customer specifications. Centralize your data and automate common processes by replacing inefficient software with a stronger business management system.

As your company grows and becomes more complicated, your business software may not be able to keep up. Your people may turn to spreadsheets and other manual means, which is not only counter-productive, it decentralizes your data and infects it with inconsistencies. As outlined in this complimentary white paper, “6 Brilliant Ways Metal Fabricators and Steel Service Centers Build Profits with Modern Business Solutions,” creative workarounds increase the chances for data errors, leads to redundant data entry, and can impact customer service. Integrate your people and data with a more powerful business solution such as RealSTEEL™.

RealSTEEL™: Integrated Business Systems for the Metals Industry

RealSTEEL is an integrated business system solution, meaning all of your core business data can be managed from one centralized location instead of multiple disparate software programs. In addition, RealSTEEL offers time-saving automations and workflows, reducing repetitive data entry.

The same set of data, such as customer information for example, can be used when creating a job estimate, purchase order, and an invoice upon project completion. Workflows create consistency, such that each employee can complete tasks in the same way, each and every time. Standardizing processes makes tasks easier to complete and improves productivity.

With a centralized solution:

  • You can enter, access, and analyze data with greater speed and efficiency.
  • Your sales team can access real-time inventory data and prepare accurate estimates for customers, even when in the field.
  • Dashboards and built-in business intelligence features offer the ability to track key metrics in real time.
  • You can monitor new channels or new service offerings, or keep a closer eye on expanded operations to determine profitability.
  • Your team can also react faster to deviations such as changes in yield, follow fast-tracked orders and delivery schedules, and monitor other customer requests.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Don’t lose your data in spreadsheets, use it to satisfy customers and drive growth. Download “6 Brilliant Ways Metal Fabricators and Steel Service Centers Build Profits with Modern Business Solutions” and contact The Wolcott Group to learn how RealSTEEL can strengthen operations and support your business, employees, and customers as your company grows.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry

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