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Two Important Tips to Help You Replace Outdated Steel Software

Modern businesses, including steel service centers and metal fabricators, are finding that legacy steel software systems are not keeping up with the pace of change. In order to satisfy customers while protecting profit margins, businesses need quick access to current, reliable data. Don’t make a bad situation worse by replacingsteel software for metal fabricators outdated systems with the wrong technology. Instead, ask these key questions and work with a software provider that can help you find the right answers.

Businesses grow and change; however, business software doesn’t. You may have already noticed growing pains, such as difficulty with accessing data; frustrated employees using spreadsheets or other creative workarounds; and, slowing software that can’t handle the volume of data generated each day.

You don’t want to trade one bad situation for another, so be sure to ask the tough questions before investing in new technology. Download “Top 12 Questions Steel Service Centers and Metal Fabricators Must Ask Before Buying Business Software,” an eBook, for guidance with finding the right business management solution, and software provider, for your changing business needs.

Here are two important tips for getting started:

  1. Identify your needs: Many steel service centers and metal fabricators have complicated operations including a variety of inventory to manage, labor costs, subcontractor fees, and other surcharges. Quoting jobs must be as accurate as your ability to monitor costs during production. Take the time to identify the business operations and data that you need to capture and use in order to improve productivity, profitability, and customer services.
  2. Find a software provider: Modern business management solutions are not simply purchased at a store. Look for a software provider that has experience within the steel and metals industry and that is familiar with the challenges businesses like yours commonly experience. Choose a provider that listens to your needs, offers options, and can deploy the solution you choose. Training and follow-up support can improve user adoption and keep your system working at peak capacity as your business continues to grow.

It’s time to replace outdated, legacy systems with a more powerful steel software business management solution that can meet your unique business needs. Download the eBook and contact The Wolcott Group to get real answers to your questions when looking for the right management solution and support your growing business.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a real-world solution for the steel and metals industry

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