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How to Market a Metal Fabrication Business

Metal fabricators and other businesses in the steel and metals industry offer a unique set of skills and services. Much of your work is likely gathered from long-term, loyal business relationships and through referrals. While word of mouth is certainly advantageous, a well-designed marketing program could get you in front of new customers, put you in new marketplaces and deliver strong profits. Learning how to market a metal fabrication business is a little different from marketing other types businesses. We’ve gathered our best tips for marketing a metal fabrication business.

4 Tips to Market a Metal Fabrication Business

Marketing activities within the steel and metals industry are a little different from the efforts more traditional retailers might perform. Steel service centers, building material manufacturers and metal fabricators don’t exactly have a storefront to show their wares. Though different, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 4 marketing tips for your metal fabrication business to consider.

  1. Develop marketing materials: Customers want to see what you do and how you do it. Make sure your website highlights the products or services you offer, alongside high-quality, customer-specific products and quotes. Prepare a variety of marketing brochures that highlight those same features with other fliers or cards that can be mailed or handed to customers during a customer meeting.
  2. Determine what makes you different: Talk to key leaders across your enterprise about what exactly makes your metal fabrication business different from others. Discuss unique clients or products, value-added services or other ways your business or services are different from your competitors.
  3. Know your customers: Evaluate the types of customers you have worked with in the past and make some key notes about your demographics. Once you get to know your customers, you can network and market within their industry sector. Send marketing materials to key leaders of these businesses and follow-up to turn prospects into long-term customers.
  4. Be seen in the right industry circles: As you get to know your customers, learn how or where you can be seen and participate in their networks. Participate in industry trade shows and conferences, advertise in industry magazines and be an active presence. There are customers that may not need your services today but will remember you later. Others will pass along information to colleagues or peers. For this to happen, you need to be present in the right industry networks.

Build Your Marketing Program, Build Your Business

The long-term customers you work with today could remain a valuable part of your success for years to come. However, there are more customers out there and they need to be able to find you, and you them. We hope you find our tips for marketing a metal fabrication business helpful as you begin to build a successful marketing program. For additional tips on how to market a metal fabrication business, contact The Wolcott Group. Our team of experts can provide support as you build your marketing program and business.

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