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New Rules for Metal Service Centers Require New Technology

The rules are changing for metal service centers. Customer needs are forcing a transformation throughout the metals industry, requiring processing services and other value-added support. This new age for metal services requires new technology designed for the specialized inventory and manufacturing requirements of the metals industry. Download The Rules Have Changed: How Metal Service Centers Must Adapt to Survive to see how new technology will streamline operations, improve productivity and boost profits for metal service centers.

More Ways to Control Costs and Drive Profits

How easy is it to pull together the data necessary to prepare a quote or monitor profit margins? If you are using spreadsheets and traditional distribution software, chances are it’s not that easy. Add to the equation the need for additional processing services, outsourced services or other customer support, and the situation only becomes more frustrating.

Data drives profits, not best guesses or intuition. The more complicated operations become, the more data is needed. Without reliable, current data, you and your leaders can’t make the business decisions that satisfy customer needs or your bottom line. Download our eBook to learn how the rules have changed and what you need to know in order to survive and thrive in this digital era.

Manufacturing Software Designed for Metal Service Centers

Metal service centers require modern technology to manage complex operations, multiple resources and fluctuating profit margins. Today’s manufacturing systems go one step further by offering robust reporting and business intelligence features to unlock the power of your data. With a modern manufacturing solution, you’ll have the ability to:

  1. Access real-time data: A single, integrated manufacturing system centralizes data and puts it at the fingertips of those that need it. Operators are able to enter actuals from the shop floor, including downtime, errors or material problems. Managers can access real-time data to make informed decisions and ensure customer jobs meet both budget and promised deadlines.
  2. Monitor activities and costs: If you can measure it, you can improve it. With a modern manufacturing solution, you will be able to track key performance indicators from across your business. Follow line-by-line data for every order between sales and shipping, then use this insight to provide accurate, timely costing, as well as improve productivity and profitability.
  3. Strengthen your bottom line: Data from planning, scheduling, purchasing and inventory, production, quality control, sales and finance can be found quickly and easily within a single manufacturing software solution. User-definable, multi-attribute management levels offer the right people access to the right data at the right time. Gain unprecedented control over your business by taking full advantage of the modern technology that is available to you today.

Is there really ERP for the metals industry? Most metal service centers aren’t simply distributing product anymore. In order to satisfy changing marketplace trends and customer demands, many are providing additional processing services. These added services are quickly exceeding the limits of legacy systems. Spreadsheets and traditional distribution software simply can’t cut it in this digital age. It’s time to replace old software with modern technology. Contact us for more information about ERP software specifically designed for metal service centers.

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