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No Need to Reinvent the Wheel (or Sales Quote) with RealSTEEL

Preparing detailed and accurate sales quotes for customers in the steel and metals industry takes time and a great deal of data and calculations. Customers have detailed specifications and you need to calculate material attributes, availability and costs. After fulfilling a customer order, you don’t want to waste valuable time repeating those same steps when they come back for another order.

You don’t want your sales and customer service teams wasting valuable time during the quoting process. They need to be focused on meeting customer needs, not distracted by a lengthy, complicated quoting process or repeatedly entering the same data each time a customer calls for a sales quote.

When your people need to search through paper-based filing systems for specifications, then re-enter the same data into elaborate spreadsheets to calculate an estimate, valuable time is being lost to the process, not being spent on providing value-added customer services.

Prepare Reliable, Accurate Sales Quotes Every Time with RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL, a powerful manufacturing production software suite, can save time and improve customer service by making the sales quoting process easier for your team. You can collect and save customer-centric details within each customer’s account, including product specifications, preferences or other unique characteristics about customer projects.

With RealSTEEL, you can create and manage an unlimited number of dimensional, physical, and chemical attributes that can be used to define your material as well as key attributes that can be used for non-material things during the quote and order-entry process. By taking into consideration additional process requirements, packaging or tolerances, and other variables, you will be confident you have detailed, reliable records for each customers’ requirements.

Armed with these precise details and unique customer specifications, your sales team can quickly and efficiently create an accurate project estimate each time a customer requests a quote. RealSTEEL automatically draws upon the data in a previous quote and uses that same data to prepare a new quote. As a result, your sales team won’t need to reinvent the wheel each time a customer makes a request.

Provide your sales team with a tool that streamlines the quoting process and improves productivity while accelerating customer service. Contact The Wolcott Group to learn how to prepare reliable, accurate sales quotes every single time with RealSTEEL.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry.

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