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How to Pick the Right Advanced Steel Software for Your Business

The steel industry is unique and so is your steel service center and metal fabricating business. Although there are many so called, “advanced” business management solutions in the marketplace, choosing the right solution can still be a difficult task. You need a solution that works the way you work and offers the most up to date features and functions that can make tasks easier, not harder. Here are several tips for making the best decision for your business.advanced steel software

5 Considerations to Help You Choose Advanced Steel Software Aligned With Your Unique Business Operations

  1. Define your budget: As with any business investment, you need to live within a reasonable budget. If you’re too frugal, you may not get all the features you need to be efficient or productive. Waste too much money, on the other hand, and you could end up with a confusing solution that is quickly abandoned. RealSTEEL was designed to address the specialized processes in the steel industry. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and can deliver a speedy return on investment.
  2. Review the features: Basic enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems don’t always fit the bill. An industry-specific solution, such as RealSTEEL, offers features tailored for the unique needs of steel and metals industry. You can track inventory, for example, by dimensional, physical or chemical attributes and manage inventory with greater accuracy.
  3. Can the solution be customized: Your business may have unique processes that require specialized features. RealSTEEL is a flexible solution that can be customized to match individual and organizational needs.
  4.  Support services availability: The RealSTEEL support team will provide training, troubleshooting, follow-up and assist with routine maintenance for as long as needed. Our experts understand the industry, the technology, and will be there when you need us most.
  5. Flexibility and scalability: Businesses grow and change; however, basic software systems can’t always do the same. RealSTEEL offers enhanced functionality and features that can be added as your business needs change over time.

Many businesses deploy management systems, but if the systems aren’t aligned with business needs and goals, they won’t be effective. Choose a steel software that is best aligned with your unique operations. Contact The Wolcott Group for information about today’s steel software options and making the right decision for the future of your business.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry.

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