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Metal Fabricators Need Software As Strong As Steel

metal-fabricators-softwareMetal Service centers and metal fabricators understand the importance of harnessing data to make strategic business decisions.  Managing inventory, sales, and costing data is necessary for protecting profits and satisfying customers.  Capturing accurate, reliable data and putting it to good use requires a strong business management solution.  Improve productivity and profitability with the right software.

Introducing RealSTEEL: Powerful Software for Metal Fabricators

In the competitive steel and metals industry, reliable data plays a critical role with job costing, inventory management, customer service, and profit margins.  Legacy, niche software systems make it difficult to access the data you need to make strategic business decisions, which can weaken your business.

As discussed in “6 Brilliant Ways Metal Fabricators and Steel Service Centers Build Profits with Modern Business Solutions,” a more modern business management solution can get you closer to your data and strengthen your business.  Below are three ways to strengthen your business using more powerful technology such as RealSTEEL™.

  1. Accurate costing: Preparing accurate estimates becomes increasingly complicated with the number of variables and decimals that can impact job costs.  In addition to gauge, width, and length, there are unknowns such as the actual yield that varies with imperfections.  RealSTEEL can streamline costing using yield calculations that are made at the time of purchase and are updated through the receiving and manufacturing process indicating variance.  Centralized data makes it easier and more accurate to generate complex cost calculations, including the value-added services that boost profits.
  2. Inventory management: Instead of spending hours on physical counts, you can use automated data collection within RealSTEEL to strengthen inventory control and improve productivity.  You can track inventory from raw materials to work in progress to finished goods and remnants.  Added traceability features also support regulatory compliance.
  3. Business intelligence: An integrated solution, such as RealSTEEL, offers a centralized location for all of your data.  Built-in business intelligence features provide reliable insight into each part of your business from receiving, production, and customer needs.  With data at your fingertips, you can make the strategic business decisions that drive growth.

Inefficient, outdated systems can stifle growth and put your business at a disadvantage.  Download “6 Brilliant Ways Metal Fabricators and Steel Service Centers Build Profits with Modern Business Solutions” and contact The Wolcott Group for more information about deploying RealSTEEL, a business management software solution designed to meet the unique challenges within the steel and metals industry.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry.

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