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The Power of Real-time Negotiations for Steel Service Centers

Sales quoting is both the most difficult and the most important task that your steel service center and sales team performs. Getting quotes right has an impact far beyond your service center and all the way to the bottom line.

So what is the best way to empower your sales teams with the ability to create fast and accurate quotes? The answer lies in cloud ERP designed specifically for the metals industry.

RealSTEEL™ is ERP software for the steel industry and leverages the vast ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to deliver enhanced functionality and benefits for your needs. Our solution is designed to give steel manufacturers and steel service centers unprecedented visibility into all facets of their business in a single ERP system.

Profit and Loss Begins at Order Entry

Many steel companies struggle with generic ERP systems that are not designed to handle the complex range of material attributes, nesting calculations, outsourced processing, and customer materials. To overcome these limitations, sales teams often create and use custom systems such as spreadsheets to help with the quoting process. These cobbled together systems and processes are less than ideal.

In order to deliver the fastest and most accurate quotes, sales people need cloud ERP that connects information across the organization and automates calculations based on that consolidated information. This takes human error out of the equation and introduces quotes that are consistently based on real-time inventory levels, production schedules, and processing costs.

Cloud ERP Delivers Speed and Accuracy

Luckily, there are solutions available right now that are optimized for the steel industry. Solutions such as RealSTEEL can:

  • Accelerate sales quoting and order entry
  • Automate complicated calculations and processes
  • Reduce waste of material and time
  • Empower salespeople while holding them accountable
  • Deliver deep insight for better control of profits

Job Order Entry and Support

In addition to the creation of fast and accurate quotes, cloud ERP enables improved job order entry and support. When your ERP solution can continuously optimize inventory and scheduling in the background while your sales team enter job details, you achieve real-time negotiation power. Here are other important capabilities to look for in your cloud ERP solution:

  • Automatically calculate nesting, costing and pricing at the line-item level
  • Automatically calculate accurate production time and costs for processing, both internal and outsourced
  • Build production schedules as orders are placed
  • Customize processor configurations on a line-by-line basis

Ready to transform your sales team into power negotiators?

At RealSTEEL, we know that quoting and order entry can make or break your business. Contact us today to let our experts equip your sales team with the tools they need to be power negotiators. And to find out more about cloud ERP designed for the new age of metals operations, download our article Improve Sales Quoting to Build Profits in the Steel & Metal Industry (

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