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Why Cloud-based ERP is the Right Tool for the Metals Industry

Have you been waiting for the right time to migrate to cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP)? Perhaps you are waiting for the cloud to become even more secure and affordable. Or maybe you think that digital transformation hasn’t hit the metals industry yet.

Ready or not, the digital revolution is here. Companies in every industry, including metals, are safely and securely connecting their workers to the information they need. Using today’s cloud technologies, you can keep data and orders moving efficiently through sales, production and delivery.

RealSTEEL cloud ERP is designed for the metals industry, and we are here to tell you it’s an excellent time to take advantage of cloud ERP. Here are a few reasons why.

Benefits of Cloud ERP for Your Metals Business

A modern, integrated ERP system designed for the metals industry connects just about everything you need to run your business-technology, data, and people. You can streamline quoting, inventory, scheduling, and more.

Unmatched Flexibility

And the good news is cloud ERP is a lot more flexible than legacy on-premises systems so you can prioritize which features you want to adopt first. You can start with your most important functions and then phase in functionality over time until you achieve full integration across sales, purchasing, production, inventory management, and fulfillment.

End-to-End Visibility

RealSTEEL is designed to give metals processors unprecedented visibility into all facets of the business in a single ERP system. This gives you complete control and connected insight as orders move through production. All relevant data is centralized so managers and operators can access the information they need through dashboards on any device.

Reduced Costs

The benefits of cloud ERP for your metal processing company are numerous, including cost control over materials, labor, overhead and outside processing. By controlling costs and saving time and resources, you can achieve higher levels of operational effectiveness and improve margins.

Here are a few examples of how our RealSTEEL cloud ERP can benefit specific functional teams within your metals business.

  • Sales: Support real-time negotiation with continuously optimized inventory and scheduling

 Support for real-time negotiation creates faster and more accurate quotes. We support automatic nesting, costing, and pricing calculations at the line-item level. Our solution provides accurate production time and costs of processing for both internal and outsourced. Not only that, production schedules are built as soon as orders are placed.

  • Scheduling: Optimize workforce and machine productivity

Optimized productivity means cost and time savings. RealSTEEL provides materials usage calculations for each job. Our solution can automatically identify when alternate resources like outsourced processing should be used. We also support real-time scheduling adjustments to respond to the unexpected like change orders or machine downtime.

  • Production: Coordinate all production resources including machines, people, tools and subcontractors

With cloud-based ERP, you can track actual production including scrap, sheers and break weights. Automatic job routing makes it easy to optimize resource and materials usage. And you can manage all internal and outsourced processes, including materials, semi-finished products and finished goods.

Ready to Transform Your Metals Business?

Contact us today to schedule an in-depth demo of how a cloud-based ERP solution like RealSTEEL can accelerate your outcomes. We think you’ll be impressed.

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