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ERP Isn’t the Right Technology for Steel Manufacturers and Steel Service Centers

steel erpThere are many businesses in a variety of industry sectors that have found success with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. However, it’s often a struggle to find an ERP solution for the steel and metals industry that can address the unique operations in this sector.

ERP can manage many common business processes including financials, inventory, manufacturing and distribution activities, and other core operations. Unfortunately, it’s just not at the level required for many steel manufacturers and steel service centers. Businesses in this industry require a system that can support complicated costing calculations and a vast assortment of inventory with an array of attributes.

While many companies have found great success with modern ERP solutions, those in the steel and metals industry haven’t been as lucky. Instead of struggling with technology that doesn’t align with business processes, deploy RealSTEEL.

RealSTEEL’s ERP Solves Unique Challenges

RealSTEEL was specifically designed with the unique operational needs of businesses in the steel and metals industry, providing a 360-degree view of operations from quote through customer delivery. Within this single, centralized solution, leaders can manage financial transactions and accounting processes, inventory, production, purchasing and inventory, sales and warehouse operations. Track inventory based on multiple attributes including grade, width and length, including customer-owned materials. Close attention to these attributes enables your team to earmark items for specific jobs or return them to stock.

Job costing is a complicated process and getting one variable wrong can impact profit margins and frustrate customers. RealSTEEL includes built-in cost calculators that accurately calculate the four major elements of each estimate: material cost, labor cost, overhead and outside processing cost and time. Maintain customer specifications for each attribute down to the item and variant level, including metal attributes like size and grade. Streamline the costing process and respond faster to customer needs by replacing manual calculations with RealSTEEL.

Companies in the steel and metals industry do not need to struggle with ERP systems that simply can’t support the complicated needs of this business sector.

Contact The Wolcott Group for more information about RealSTEEL and the features specifically developed to address the challenges faced by steel manufacturers and steel service centers.

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