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Steel Producers: Do You Trust Your Inventory Management Software?

Metal Service Centers and Fabricators have some of the most challenging costing procedures in the industry. There are so many variables to consider when estimating a project including gauge, width, and length in addition to several unknowns such as the actual yield due to imperfections. Steel Service CentersOther variables include the difference between actual and theoretical weight and actual cost and replacement cost. One simple mistake, a slip of the decimal, could lead to costly mistakes. Don’t trust estimations made with spreadsheets or manual calculations.

Cost Customer Orders Quickly and Accurately

The metals industry is familiar with the phrase ‘live or die by the decimal.’ Accuracy of estimates and reporting of actual project expenses, and material data, is necessary for maintaining a strong, healthy business. According to “6 Brilliant Ways Metal Service Centers and Fabricators Build Profits with Modern Business Solutions,” a complimentary white paper, managing data in spreadsheets is risky. Spreadsheets can contribute to data errors, formulas constructed within cells can be altered or lost, and the entire process is time-intensive. Take control over your data by replacing spreadsheets and manual processes with RealSTEEL™.

A Comprehensive and Integrated Software Solution for Metal Service Centers and Fabricators

The steel inventory management software, RealSTEEL is a comprehensive and integrated software solution that offers metal service centers and fabricators a competitive advantage. You can manage quoting, order entry, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing activities, and other core business processes with greater efficiency and accuracy from one solution instead of several specialty solutions and spreadsheets. You can also manage a variety of attributes and the multiple variables needed for estimations including gauge, width, length, and other traits. Taking advantage of the built-in Nesting and processing calculators in RealSTEEL will provide you with the to-the-decimal costing, and pricing you can be confident in.

Advanced Inventory Management

RealSTEEL also offers powerful inventory management, from the raw materials that come into the warehouse, through the work in progress on the production line, to the finished goods that are delivered to customers. Time-saving automations support inventory tracking, enabling your sales team to be confident when preparing estimates, including deliveries with short lead times.

Control those decimals by deploying a solution designed for the challenges faced by businesses in the steel and metals industry. Download “6 Brilliant Ways Metal Service Centers and Fabricators Build Profits with Modern Business Solutions” and contact The Wolcott Group to learn how RealSTEEL can streamline quoting, costing, inventory management, and the many other moving parts of your company.

By The Wolcott Group, providers of RealSTEEL, a ‘real world’ solution for the steel and metals industry

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